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Farm pond overflow repair


Here are a few examples of our work.  There are loads more so feel free to ask for ideas!

Pond Cleaning

Our customer in Trexlertown called to schedule a cleaning.  It had not been cleaned for a few years and had not been maintained properly.  These photos show you the before, during, and after...and what a difference!  We also installed an Atlantic-Oase FiltoClear unit with its clear water guarantee to do the cleaning for him!  Call us for more info....

Pond Renovation

Our Allentown customer had a small backyard pond that had seen better days.  He loves his pond and is truly attached to his koi.  He asked us to renovate his pond and could not be happier with the outcome...neither can his fish.  Check out the before and after.

Rebuild of small Allentown pond
Small Allentown pond before rebuild
Small Allentown pond immediately after rebuild
Small Allentown pond rebuild a year later
Emmaus bent skimmer

Pond Repair

Our Emmaus customer called for help because she couldn't put her pump in and there were holes in the ground.  It turned out her skimmer box had bent when the ground shifted from the small sinkholes. Her koi were going to be in real trouble pretty soon.  A bit of  repair later and she was back in business.  


When space is an issue or you don't want to tend a pond, BUT you want the sound of water, a fountain is a perfect choice.  Here are two we a standard stacked slate urn by the customer's pool, the other a stacked slate spheres in Spring and Winter.  There are so many options with fountains there's definitely one that's perfect for your space!

Palmerton Stacked slate fountain
Walnutport stacked slate fountains
Danielsville farm pond repair
Danielsville pond overflow repair

Pond Overflow Repair

Our Danielsville customer called us with a challenge.  The concrete overflow in his pond had two 6" x 1" cracks where the base met the wall, about 10' below the water surface.  Others had tried over a 10 year period to repair it, without success.  His pond no longer loses water and he is elated that it is finally repaired since we accepted his challenge.

Pond Build

Saylorsburg old pond removal
Saylorsburg newly built zen pond, waterfall, fountain

Our Saylorsburg customer bought a home with a front yard pond that needed help!  Their desire was to have a very zen pond and various points of interest throughout.  Out with the old and we built an entirely new pond.  We sourced fountains and statuary and set about to rebuild the pond and front landscape.  They are thrilled with the outcome!  

Saylorsburg zen pond at night
Saylorsburg zen fountain and waterfall
Whitehall farm pond duck weed aeration

Duckweed Elimination

Diffused aeration is the first step in eliminating duckweed.  Our Whitehall customer had a farm pond filled with duck weed and we installed 2 aerators.  Step 2 is nutrient control when the temperature is correct.  The customer is a bit of a DIY guy and purchased nutrient control treatments from us to be applied this Spring. 

Real Pondless Replacement

Whitehall preformed spillway before pondless waterfall rebuild

Our Whitehall customer had a set of three pre-fab water features installed that were meant to spill one into the next.  They shifted with the ground and lost water.  We replaced the existing feature with a custom built three tiered pondless water fall to the customer's specifications. 

Whitehall pondless waterfall rebuild
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