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Hiring A Pond Contractor: Best Practices

Phoenix Water Design's HICPA license
HICPA License Example

Creating that serene water feature for your yard or business should not be a stressful exercise! Here are some tips to help ensure your pond or water feature job will go smoothly...before, during, and after the job is done. Try using these Pond Contractor Best Practices to choose the right contractor for your job!

  1. If you are in Pennsylvania Contractors, including pond contractors, must be licensed by the State in accordance with the Home Improvement Consumer Protection law. License numbers must be displayed on business cards and websites, contracts with specific language are required, and a 3-business day right to cancel notice must be provided. Be sure to ask for these things for your protection in the event you have to go to court. And don't assume they are registered. Contractors must re-register every two years. You can look up your contractor here.

  2. Be sure they are insured. HICPA requires insurance but double check. Their insurance protects damage to your property and protects you from liability if they are injured on your property.

  3. If the Contractor has employees be sure they carry Workmen's Comp on them and if they use subcontractors (helpers, laborers, excavators etc) make sure they have their own insurance.

  4. If there is excavation to be done be sure the contractor calls PA One Call to mark utility lines.

  5. Check Google to see if they have customer reviews or ask to call a reviewer

  6. Ask if they have photos of their work

  7. Have they pursued ongoing classes/education/seminars/certifications to ensure they are up to date on the latest techniques and technologies?

These tips in qualifying your contractor should help to ensure your job goes smoothly on the front end and provides you with a water oasis that you can enjoy for years to come.

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