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Our Business

Welcome to Phoenix Water Designs the premiere contractor for pond installation, repair, and maintenance in the Lehigh Valley and the surrounding counties of Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Lehigh, Northampton, Monroe and Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.

Do you want the serenity of water babbling over rocks in your backyard?  Maybe you look forward to hand feeding koi in a picturesque pond.  Or maybe you're just tired of green water or duckweed.  Phoenix Water Designs is passionate about creating the oasis of our customer's dreams.  We're based in Walnutport, Pennsylvania and are proud to serve all of the towns in the counties surrounding the Lehigh Valley. 

Our Services
  • Pond & Water Feature Installation: Whether you want a koi pond, a pondless waterfall, or a fountain, we will design and construct the water feature of your dreams.  Call us for a design installation and quote...that consultation visit is always free of charge!

  • Pond Maintenance: Your pond is an ecosystem that functions best when it's kept in balance.  We can teach you how to maintain your pond using professional products or maintain it for you.  Whether your maintenance requirements are pond cleaning, Spring opening, Fall closing and netting, algae and nutrient control, aquatic weed control, or muck control we are your one stop shop.

  • Pond Repair:  Let's face it.  Things go wrong.  Ground shifts over time and your skimmer box is bent.  Or your rocks have slid and your waterfall leaks.  Maybe your garden or koi pond is just losing water or your dam breast needs repair on your farm or natural pond.  We are a full service maintenance contractor.

  • Pond Renovation:  Is your pond or water feature looking tired?  Needs some sprucing up?  We can do a little facelift...or a rebuild.  Technologies have changed over time and you might be surprised at what there is to offer today.

  • Water Quality & Clarity:  Your fish deserve the best quality water you can give them.  Their health, and the health of other wildlife that visit your pond, is our priority.  We only use the safest, natural, chemical free, professional level water treatments available.  Perhaps your pond is lacking proper filtration or aeration which is essential to water clarity and water and fish health.  We can add or upgrade your filtration and aeration as needed to optimize your pond's overall health and beauty.

  • Muck & Nutrient Control:  Farm ponds and natural ponds are especially prone to muck...a deep buildup of organic material such as leaves, fish waste, and atmospheric pollutants that sit on the bottom of your pond.  This muck decays and produces nutrients that feed algae and green water.  Using special beneficial bacteria products that produce their own oxygen, in tandem with diffused aeration and aerating fountains, we can help alleviate your muck and nutrient problem...without mechanical dredging.        

Expert Pond Contractor

Cleans, Repairs, Reno & Builds 

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